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A different time with different challenges!

Post Covid Support Group

The global crisis had its impact – on each of us. Our lives are taking on a new shape. Our routines have changed.

The kind of challenges which we are now experiencing are different. There is rarely anyone who is not being affected by COVID in one way or the other. 


Less human interactions, isolation, financial stressors and tension in our relationships can effect our life quality severely. The struggles are numerous. BUT: You can choose not to go through this alone! Our Online Post Covid Support Groups can provide help. In a warm and caring environment, peer support can unfold its power of connection.

Gold Liquid

The Session...

• 1 Hour per week

• Total of 6 weeks

• 4 – 8 Participants

• Online Sessions via Zoom video platform

   –> Easy to use! 

• Facilitated by Subha Seifert (Registered Counsellor)

• Group sharing about current challenges 

• Exploring coping strategies and stress reduction

The Benefits...

• Feeling connected & being part of a community

• Reducing distress, depression or anxiety 

• Feeling safe and accepted in a non-judgemental     environment

• Talking openly about feelings and worries

• Increasing motivation and focus

• Gaining empowerment and hope

• Learning coping skills and stress management         techniques

Low budget ?! 

COVID-19 put a lot of people into financial difficulties. Our online support groups with a low rate fee of $10 per session are affordable and makes it possible to join and receive help.  

Pick Your Group

Friday 10am

1 hr

Start: Sept 1
End:  Oct 6

Saturday 11am

1 hr

Start: Sept 2
End:  Oct 7

Monday 6pm

1 hr

Start: Sept 4
End:  Oct 9

And if...

...your timely preferred COVID Support Circle has already started, email us for availability anyway. You might be lucky and get a late spot!

Pick Your Group

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