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Vancouver Counselling

Vancouver Counselling

Individual Counselling

The goal of counselling is the exploration of root issues in order to establish a meaningful change in your life. In the frame of the sessions, you will learn to build new awarenesses which will help to dissolve unhelpful behavioural and thinking patterns that originates from your past. By understanding how you got to the place you are now, new choices can be created and lead to a significant improvement in your holistic well-being.

Stress, anxiety, experienced trauma or emotionally painful thoughts can make you feel lost, hopeless or overwhelmed… You might start feeling nothing else than hurt and be struggling with the easiest daily tasks. Counselling provides a safe space where you can share your story with someone who is there to truly listen and understand. It gives you the opportunity to face any hardships and rough times with the support you need. Whatever the desired outcome for you as a client is, increased understanding, personal power and choice will help you feel happier and healthier while becoming more independent from outer circumstances. 

Vancouver Anxiety Counselling

Areas of Counselling



Manage this draining companion who adds so much weight to your life.

Tin Wall


Discover techniques to get this paralyzing influence under control.



When everything seems heavy and useless…You are not alone. We can help!

White Grass

Trauma & PTSD

Start your healing journey to move forward without being pulled back by your past. 

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Vancouver Stress Counselling

You are experiencing... 

• Persistent feelings of tension, overwhelm or restlessness

• Difficulties in managing your life and daily tasks

• Troubles falling asleep or disrupted sleep

• Changes in your eating habits 

• Irritability and strained relationships

• Exhaustion of your human capacity

• Increased addictive behaviour such as smoking, drinking or similar 

• Physical unwellness (headaches, ulcers, frequent colds and pain)

• Decreased pleasure in activities you enjoyed before

• Recent major life event such as job loss, getting married, break ups, moving places, death 

We can help!

Modern society teaches us that stress is part of our lives which we need to accept and integrate into our fast-paced lifestyle. However, stress can have major dramatic side effects and impact our emotional and physical well-being in numerous ways.

Significant life events such as job loss, getting married, divorced, breakups, discrimination, parenting, moving homes, death of a pet or loved one, diagnosis of illness, can quickly overwhelm our capacity for coping. When life challenges become ‘too much’, it’s time to ask for help.


Counselling can support you in identifying lead stressors and your current behavioural response to the issues. Unhealthy coping strategies which you may have developed in order to ‘get through this hard time’ will be replaced by better stress management skills. Together, we’ll take a look at the validity of your interpretations of specific events and circumstances. Assumptions and negative thinking patterns can be restructured and resilience strengthened. Eventually, the way you think about situations will naturally change and give sight to new opportunities.

Tin Wall
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You are experiencing... 

• Constant worry or tension which can be severely debilitating

• Restlessness and difficulty concentrating

• Drop in work performance and strained relationships

• Difficulties making decisions,

• Challenges in keeping up with ordinary activities and daily tasks

• Worries about your anxious nature which leads to a vicious cycle

• Fatigue, irritability, headaches, muscle tension or other pains across the body

• Profuse sweating without any exertion or activity

• Palpitations, lightheadedness, shortness of breath which may lead to anxiety attacks

• Insomnia or disrupted sleep

• Fearful thoughts that you know are irrational 

• Chronic indigestion

We can help!

Facing your anxious thoughts and feelings alone can be overwhelming. In your counselling sessions, you’ll be in a safe space where we can work through this together. By broadening your awareness, thoughts that feed your anxiety can be challenged and eventually replaced by a more helpful thinking pattern.

The development of a self-care routine as well as effective relaxation techniques will reduce your overall stress. In addition, coping strategies can help you master situations which cause you restlessness the most. This way your self-esteem can be gradually restored and you are able to face daily tasks and challenges with greater confidence. 

For getting your anxiety under control, it is crucial to explore its real cause. Once the root is identified and mindfulness created, the next step is to find options and ways to resolve the issue. Whether your anxiety originates from a current or past experience, our aim is to break the emotional burden and establish a plan for a newly empowered way of living. 

Depression & Low Mood
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Vancouver Depression Counselling

You are experiencing... 

• Lack of motivation

• Loss in interest in activities you used to enjoy

• Effort keeping up with hygiene and appearance

• Problems with concentration and making decisions

• Feelings of hopelessness, emptiness or worthlessness

• Self-doubt, guilt and shame 

• Irritability and high sensitivity to other people’s behaviours

• Persistent fatigue and exhaustion 

• Troubles falling asleep or getting up

• Loss of appetite or overeating

• Thoughts about death or suicide

We can help!

When experiencing depression, most things seem hopeless. Counselling can help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Together we’ll take a look at the triggers which feed your depressed state and start building awareness around them. The key is to look for the root of the depression. It may stem from certain life experiences, relationships or stories and beliefs about you that you are telling yourself. Subsequently we’ll replace thoughts and behaviours which perpetuate the depression. You will receive support in developing strategies to overcome your depressed feelings and build a social support network.

Regaining purpose and by taking one step at a time, joy and excitement for life will slowly return back to you. 

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Trauma & PTSD
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Vancouver Depression Counselling

You are experiencing... 

• Recurrent, distressing memories of the traumatic event 

• Flashbacks: Reliving the experience as if it were happening again 

• Intrusive dreams or nightmares 

• Distress or physical reactions to things that remind you of the event

• Avoidant thinking or talking about the traumatic experience

• Memory problems, including aspects of the traumatic event

• Emotional numbness, feelings of detachment

• Difficulty maintaining close relationships

• Hopelessness about your future

• Loss of interest in daily activities

• Difficulty sleeping or concentrating

• Increased irritability, anger 

• Being on guard for danger

We can help!

Trauma can stem from an isolated incident or from a series of repeated events. Sometimes, being a witness of something traumatic happening to someone else can be traumatizing as well. 

Here at Subha Seifert Counselling & Coaching, we will help you to gain control over the impact the trauma has on you. You will be learning techniques to reduce and manage your distressing memories and flashbacks. It is vital to understand that your symptoms are a normal reaction to an abnormal experience. By finding validation around your response to the traumatic event, you will feel safe to talk about your feelings and emotions. Going into details of the experience may be helpful but not always necessary for the healing journey. More importantly, we will make sure that you are safe now and able to move through your day without being pulled back by your past. By acquiring coping skills, you gain mastery over your symptoms and life becomes a lot easier.

Eventually we will support you in reconnecting with the world around you. While building new relationships with people, your trust will be slowly restored. The goal of trauma therapy with Subha Seifert Counselling & Coaching is to ultimately turn you into a new and stronger self.

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