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Registered Counsellor & Certified Life Coach

Life is a mystery.

A mystery that loves to challenge us.

Life’s hurdles can be of different natures. As a response we often go into a state of deep stress and feel all of a sudden stuck. In order to survive and move on with our lives we may develop unhealthy behavioural or thinking patterns. That’s okay until they get in the way of having the life we want. We start making decisions which lead us further and further away from ourselves and bring us into even bigger difficulties.

As a Counsellor and Life Coach it is my task to assist you in times of struggles. With years of experience in mental health and counselling, I am eager to support you in finding resilience and the power to move forward. I believe that together, we will find a way of turning challenges into opportunities.

Vancouver Counsellor Subha Seifert sitting on the floor of her downtown office
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Sick of coping?! 

Here at Subha Seifert Counselling & Coaching we are ready to step next to you and face all difficulties together with you. Why do it all alone? It can be so much easier with one more person on your side! 

And it takes only one little step. Just reach out, and we’ll take it from there. Together.

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While I saw only obstacles everywhere, Subha helped me to see the opportunities that life was offering me at the same time. Eventually my grief and hurt turned into an inspiring force and I became the person I wanted to be. 

A. Suchy

I thought life was just after me and there was nothing in my power to do about it. With Subha's help I learned what it means to take on responsibility without needing to be scared of it. Finally I was able  to achieve the goals I've always wanted.   

E. Schmidt

With Subha's support I finally understood why I had been stuck for years! Our sessions were incredibly eye-opening and I realized that my biggest fear of moving forward was not actually the fear of failure but the fear of success.

K. Korolev


About Me

Already in my early years, I was facing highly competitive environments as a solo flutist. Constant pressure to be better than others and delivering best performances at all times turned me inevitably into a “race horse”. The career switch to law studies did not decrease this quality and subsequently I became a work- and achieve-aholic. 

Eventually, I was re-evaluating my life and the meaning of success. I wanted to feel fulfilled and balanced instead of pulling energy from an overdose on sugar (which seemed to work and bring me through 20 hours work days!). Working with people, listening for the meaning in between lines and applying accurate analyzations based on precise observation has always been something that excited me, a passion that I finally was ready to follow. As a Counsellor and Coach I found the fulfilment that I have been looking for, and I am joyous to say that my job is my passion.

I grew up multi-lingual and I am fluent in English, German, Slovak and Czech. My Hindi is enough for a basic conversation but, please, speak slowly!!

Misty Slopes
"The only constant in life is change"

Change is inevitable and unavoidable.

I had to undergo a deep journey to understand what this means and I want to help you to find a way to cope and meet the challenges which arise from it.

Subha Seifert

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