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Vancouver Postpartum Counselling

Moms-To-Be and New Parenthood

Becoming a mother was quite an eye-opening experience to me. I realized – with great surprise – how little support there is for women who undergo pregnancy or just gave birth. This is why I take a special interest in working with parents and Moms- to- be who …


… experience prenatal or postpartum depression and related mood disorders

… feel overwhelmed with their (new) parental role

… just need to talk to an objective person about how they really feel!


Whether in person or online, I aim to create a space where unspoken words, frustration or despair can find expression and support. The expectation of a parent may have an immense weight but with counselling this burden can be relieved, and eventually you can find a way to connect with the bright side again.

Baby's Hand

Vancouver Parent Coaching

Prenatal and Postpartum Depression

“You’ll be having a baby soon! You must be so happy…” 

… and no, not necessarily. 


This often heard refrain in our society does not leave a lot of room for other experiences. It is, however, quite normal to feel overwhelmed, anxious and even lost in the search for identity as a new parent. Having a child changes everything in our life! Routines, priorities, values are just a few examples. 

Prenatal depression and postpartum depression affects up to 1 in 7 women. Most of them, however, face their challenges silently, and without support. While the people around you may continue to cheer about the (expected) baby, shame and guilt can creep up for not being able to join in.

Please know that you are not alone. You may feel like you are in a deep black hole and you can barely see the light. But trust me, this state won’t last forever. Speaking and opening up about your feelings and thoughts can already bring great relief. Reach out and let me help.

Baby's Clutch
“There is no such thing as a perfect parent. 
So just be the best one you can be.”


Vancouver Maternity Counselling

Adjusting to Parenthood

You became a parent and it’s as if somebody turned on the switch. All of a sudden everything changed. Your old routines are gone, your sleep might be affected, your me-time basically does not exist anymore. You may feel like your life is turned upside down and while you are trying to figure out the new pattern in your life, you just see chaos.


Or maybe you did manage to have everything in perfect order. From the outside you appear to be a super-parent who has everything under control. But yet, you feel unfulfilled. There is something that’s missing…


The challenges that arise with parenthood are numerous. Everyone experiences the transition to parenthood differently. As a parent myself, and understanding the complexities of a family life, I am eager to help you find clarity and solutions that will ease your internal or external struggles. 

Parents Groups
Coming soon!

If you are interested in becoming part of a peer group of parents-to-be or new parents, please send me a message so that I can put you on the waitlist.


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