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Vancouver Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Coaching is a goal oriented process which helps you move from A to B in the most effective way. It focuses on improving your performance in the here and now rather than analyzing the distant past. Your desired goal can be of a professional nature or a personal achievement that you long for.   


As a Life Coach I believe that each individual has the answer to their problem within them and my role is to help you to unlock your own potential. What is preventing you from moving forward? What is holding you back from making a change? Why can’t you achieve what you want so badly? How and where do you even start?

These are all questions which will be resolved in our coaching. 


Sooo…What exactly is the difference between Counselling and Coaching?


Both, Coaching and Counselling help you realize your true motives, values, beliefs and emotions connected to your current issue. Counselling deals with the individual’s past to improve today’s situation. On the other hand, Coaching works from the present to the future. The focus is on defining a goal and subsequently finding the most effective way of achieving that goal.

Vancouver Life Coach

"Who you are tomorrow begins
with what you do today."

Tim Fargo

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