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Lawyer Coaching

Your profession demands you work and function at a high level. You’re smart and competent and people don’t question your capability. Yet, you often don't feel fulfilled. Coaching unravels what’s missing, and how you can reach your work and life goals faster and with greater ease. 

When you work with me in my coaching sessions you will get a new perspective that you couldn't have if you were on your own. Together, we develop strategies to achieve results by first gaining clarity around the issues and then creating solutions that have long lasting results. The process will often reveal one or several new opportunities that you did not even realize beforehand.

Your best investment is the one
you make in yourself.

Get control over your practice

– Work smarter, not harder –

As your career evolves and grows, the workload seldom lessens. On the contrary, responsibilities will compound and the skills to manage new and more complex tasks and environments will also become the norm.


Goal orientation often leads to goal obsession. Delivering results with the greatest degree of accuracy in a timely effective manner will bring in new business, and your reputation as a proficient lawyer will be recognized. Focusing on the immediate work goal can, however, lead to an exclusion of other roles. Are you a good spouse, are you a good parent? Do you find sufficient down time so you aren't disagreeable with friends and colleagues? 


Apart from possessing comprehensive legal know-how, there are other areas of expertise that are relevant to managing one’s legal practice effectively. Some examples are:

  • Healthy and clear communication with staff, colleagues and clients.

  • Learn how to include juniors and staff effectively and delegate wisely

  • Advance and refine leadership abilities

  • Keeping aligned with your personal values even in the middle of stressful situations

  • Understanding and establishing personal and professional boundaries

Being a technical expert is the first part of success. In order to grow as a professional, good teamwork and leadership skills are essential and guarantee a more efficient legal practice. "Don’t allow goal obsession to sway you from what matters most"

Stress Management

– Get your life back –

Success is mostly measured by revenue and billable hours. This leads quickly to long working days, constant pressure in the work environment and from oneself while carrying the burden of emotionally charged clients and situations. Always present deadlines, never ending schedules, and competition for clients result sooner or later to chronic stress and tension within yourself or directed at others. This has, however, a rollercoaster effect and brings up more challenges such as:

  • Physical pains such as headaches, backaches or worse 

  • Indigestion, gastric complaints

  • Sleep issues like staying awake, ruminating, broken sleep

  • Appetite changes

  • Weight gain or weight loss

  • Sexual dysfunction or decreased interest

Apart from physical symptoms, prolonged exposure to stress can result in:

  • Short temper, impatience

  • Feeling overwhelmed and burnout

  • Inability to concentrate

  • Decreased interest in things previously enjoyed

  • Procrastination

  • Self-doubt and feelings of anxiety

  • Sense of “bursting inside”

  • Worsening relationships with loved ones


You carry the responsibility for your client’s fortunes, family, freedom or even life. Helping others is the main essence of your job hence it is even more important to take care of your own wellbeing. If you are not functioning at your best, how do you want to sustain performing on a high-level from a long-term perspective? In working with me as a coach, we will be establishing solutions that will: 

  • Re-establish work-life balance

  • Improve your time management

  • Enhance stress management techniques

  • Prevent burnout

  • Help you to juggle demanding workloads while feeling more fulfilled 

You work in a tough environment so don’t make it tougher on yourself!

Managing the Lawyer-Client Relationship

– Communication, Communication –

Developing strong relationships with clients is fundamental to any lawyer’s practice. Complaints cannot always be avoided. However, there are things you can do to increase client satisfaction and maintain positive relationships with your clients.

It cannot be emphasized enough how much relies on effective communication. Most times, clients perceive legal service as “excellent” and “satisfying” when their legal representative demonstrates good communication skills.


  • Learn how to undertake a client screening without missing out on red flags

  • Pay close attention to first impressions

  • Practise active listening 

  • Observe the client and notice body language to assess their credibility and emotional state

  • Keep your clients up-to-date with their legal matter and give them a sense of control

When dealing with a client you want to learn how to take a client-centred approach. When a client feels they are properly being taken care of and you become a person of trust, they are more likely to disclose details that might be relevant for their case, even if it brings feelings of shame or guilt. 
Open and informative communication will not only help you to become an excellent communicator but advance your legal case.

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